Lectora Examples

Project: Word Scramble Game
As part of creating awareness about information security, I created this custom scored word scramble game in Lectora, using its drag and drop features.


Project: EDI Overview: Using a game approach and multiple scored quizzes
This task required educating a very diverse audience, a combination of knowledgeable and new hire employees, about nine Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions.  Needless to say this, was a drab topic with lines and lines of code to be explained.

I decided to use a different approach. I created a learning deliverable that was more of an interactive guide that focused on helping users understand the basics of two transactions. Information about the remaining transactions was presented by flipping the approach. Instead of presenting information, users were asked to find information from a central repository located on the company intranet to answer questions related to specific transaction elements. The search and answer section was packaged as a game. The goal was to shift the onus on the learners to actively search for information instead of making them passive recipients.

While essentially, it was yet another quiz, the environment set up a different mood. Colorful graphics and scoring with bonus points that wasn’t part of the  final completion score were added to this section. Two levels of the “game” were presented, a simple one and a more difficult one.

The whole course also had scored quizes interspersed throughout that contributed to the final completion. The challenge was to ensure that the grand total was an average of all the quizzes.




2 thoughts on “Lectora Examples

  1. Laura Silver says:

    These are great examples, Maddie! I wonder if you’d be willing to post them on the Trivantis Community site as well? I’m sure other users would love to rework the Word Scramble Game in their own courses. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding Lectora, you can find me on there as well – community.trivantis.com. Thanks for sharing!

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