Captivate Examples

Project: Deep Learning Application
This sample was created to enable new hires learn how to work in an application based on deep learning principles to recognize valid road signs for high definition maps.

Project: Complex Actions Simulation
This example utilized Advanced Actions in Captivate to make the interactions in this evaluation simulation more realistic.

Project: CDHP Overview: Using the Blackboard
This example combines the good old blackboard (inspired by the Khan Academy) along with animations and audio narration in Captivate, to explain how high deductible plans work.

CDHP Overview Image

Project: Facilitation Scenarios
What is your facilitation style? Find out by watching this example created with CodeBaby, an avatar based animation tool and Captivate. I felt like a director in the creation and execution of this project, asking my audio actors to portray the correct emotion and tone for each style!


Project: Menu/Tab Navigation
Let your users track the sections they have viewed without using the Table of Contents in Captivate. This example has two example sections set up to do that with the use of variable and advanced actions.


Project: Audit Planning: Branching Scenario
I created this example using a story based approach which at times makes users utilize all resources available to them to plan for an upcoming audit before proceeding, and in some cases they can choose the resource they think is the best. I used colorful graphics and an interesting font for the buttons to compensate for the drab topic! The Table of Contents allowed users to review after they had completed each section.


Project: Lottery Animation
This is a fun animation used in a project to introduce a topic.


Project: Name that Claim
Using variables in Captivate, this short exercise quizzes the users to identify different types of claims.  Score is communicated using Captivate variables.



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